Pre-Competitive Program, 6+ yrs
New Beginners


Rhythmic gymnastics combines sport and dance with music to create a beautiful display of athleticism and grace! Our recreational program introduces the basics of rhythmic gymnastics such as flexibility, coordination, balance and locomotion. Our pre-competitive program is designed to further develop apparatus and body techniques in order for gymnasts to be able to compete as a group or individually in the future. Once the fundamental skills are mastered, we begin to work on combining the body skills with the apparatus into routines set to music. Learning to train together in a collaborative group environment gives gymnasts an introduction to goal-setting, learning how to overcome challenges, and developing their own personal creativity. Gymnasts have the opportunity to perform and be evaluated at various performances both locally and within Alberta.

4 hrs per week
No prior experience necessary!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-7pm 

Available Dates & Prices:
•  Fall session: (15 weeks) September 12th until December 21st -  
$1160.40 total
•  Winter session: (15 weeks): January 9th until April 18th -
$1160.40 total
•  Spring session: (10 weeks): April 23rd until June 27th -
$760 total

Payment installment plans available. Payment is accepted by credit card, e-transfer, or cheque.

Annual Registration Fees:
$100 one time fee per season (2023-2024). Includes Administrative and registration with Rhythmic Gymnastics Alberta.

Payment Methods:
•  Online by credit card (processing fee's will apply)
•  E-transfer (select "offline payment" option in the form)