Recreational Program, 4+ yrs
New Beginners


Rhythmic gymnastics combines sport and dance with music to create a beautiful display of athleticism and grace! Our recreational program introduces the basics of rhythmic gymnastics such as flexibility, coordination, balance, and locomotion. Gymnasts will learn hand-eye coordination skills with various rhythmic apparatus such as throwing, catching, & bouncing. The primary goals for this group are building body awareness, physical literacy, and fundamental movement skills. In addition to developing basic physical skills, another key aspect of our Recreational program is developing a positive and supportive environment. We encourage all participants to be “good citizens”, which includes listening to and following simple directions, learning to trust their coach, and working with others. These gymnasts have the opportunity to perform as a group in the Winter & Summer Gala Performances in Calgary. No previous experience is required.

Wednesdays 4-5pm, Thursdays 5-6pm, Saturdays 10am-11am  

Available Dates & Prices:
10 week programs: $180 total
•  Fall session: September 13th until November 18th.
•  Winter session: January 10th until March 16th.
•  Spring session: March 27th until June 1st.

3 week condensed programs, $55 total:
•  Winter: December 2 until December 16th (Saturday Only)
•  Spring: June 5th until June 22nd
Annual Fees:
One time $50 registration fee per year. Registration includes administrative fees & provincial dues with RGA.

Payment Methods:
•  Online by credit card (processing fee's will apply)
•  E-transfer (select "offline payment" option in the form)